Zagreb, panoramic view of the main square and the Upper City, 1926.

This study is led by the teaching assistants of Departement of Architecture ETH Zurich and Croatian architects in Zurich, with support from the Architectural Faculty of Zagreb.

This project is about spatial possibilities in the city of Zagreb. Possibilities will be found through observation and a certain methodology of drawings and survey we want to introduce. We are interested in how can architects survey city space. This surveying is done through individual effort jointed into one single body of work.

This study will explore a new idea of Zagreb. Can Zagreb be re-imagined as series of big rooms? We will explore what the local spatial structure is, how it influences the tectonics of materials and how it affects space through form, which is embedded with layers of history and making. Dealing with the current and the future through fiction, setting out clear constraints, we imagine the drawings can carry the power of literary masters as Jorge Luis Borges or Italo Calvino. We want to suggest a different reality, one made of current and imaginative. We shall work in an iterative exchange between the empirical and the speculated, between the physicality of observing and abstract spatial consequence of history, landownership and regulation.

As the instrument of this study, only the line drawing will be used, the elementary tool of every architect.

Through this, we are interested in the city of Zagreb that its residents only hint through fragments and no one really knows in its unity. We want to bring all of those fragments together and show the city in which we live every day but we never knew it exists.



21th – 26th July 2014



Architectural Faculty Zagreb



Luka Piškorec (ETH Zurich, Gramazio & Kohler),

Nemanja Zimonjić (ETH Zurich, Studio Tom Emerson)

Josip Jerković (MAS ETH Zurich, Metron AG)

Marta Lozo (Trokut)



Tamara Marić (AF Zagreb)



Michael Hirschbichler (Hirschbichler Studio Zurich, Chair of Marc Angelil ETH Zurich)



Please send us your selected work, up to 10 pages in PDF and a short motivation letter by 25th June 2014 to the following email:

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